The CD160 range of water-blasters and water-jetting machines goes from 200 to 2500 Bar with pump flows from 25 to 300 L/min. The pump is driven by a 4 cylinder water cooled Turbo charged and intercooled AGCO Power diesel engine and the all enclosing frame is made corrosion resistant and is primed and painted for a nice appearance. The machine foot print is 2250 x 950mm of floor space. The frame are equipped with rubber feet under all four corners and the machine have forklift pockets as well as lifting eyes in all four corners. The machines have roof plates with side railings for protection and storage of for example high pressure hoses.

Model Pressure Flow
CD160-200 200 bar 300 Lpm
CD160-250 250 bar 250 Lpm
CD160-1000 1000 bar 63 Lpm
CD160-1380 1380 bar 42 Lpm
CD160-2500 2500 bar 25 Lpm
General specifications
Max pump speed 560 rpm
Engine 4 Cyl. AGCO Water cooled, Turbo Diesel w. Intercooler
Engine power 119.3 kW
Engine rpm 1800 rpm
Tank 140 L
Max fuel consumption 26.0 L/h
Dimensions 2160mm x 1350mm x 1700 mm (1850 kg)